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Master Owl's Mindfulness Tour started in April 2021 at Yealmpton Primary School.


Since then I have visited 70 primary schools in Devon, taught mindfulness to over 16,000 children and sold over 2,000 books. I love my job!!!

If you would like me to visit your West Country primary school, please get in contact. I am taking bookings for Summer and Autumn terms 2023. 

If you are a parent and would like to pre-order one of my books, the form will come out from the school, but here is a copy of the form. I will sign the books and dedicate them to your child. 

If I have already visited your school and your child would like a copy of either of my Master Owl books or the Little Drop of Water, please click on the button below for my shop and I will post you out your books, all signed and dedicated to your child / children.  

Click the PDF icon for a copy
of the order form. 
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Recent feedback from the Tour:

“The whole school has been buzzing since your visit, and there has been a great atmosphere all day. In our staff meeting after school, the teachers were unanimous in their appreciation for your visit, and how inspired they felt to introduce more mindfulness. 


It has been clear to see how much the children have enjoyed their day and how inspired they are. It linked so nicely to my Literacy lesson today after your talk, where the children were writing their stories. I saw subtle links to kindness and mindfulness, but mostly I could see the invisible story cloud above their heads. This powerful analogy will certainly be something that I adopt into my Literacy teaching- my biggest passion!


Very kind regards and much appreciation.”


Fran Lilley

Highweek Primary School

"Thank you so much for visiting us last week. The feedback from teachers and children was really positive. We’ve made a display with some cute bunnies and owls to remind the children to pause and be mindful. It was really nice to hear the children talk about how calm and “less stressed” they felt after your mindfulness session. You have inspired us to include some ‘mindful moments’ into our daily routines - something we’ll all benefit from I’m sure."   

"Thanks Rob, the children enjoyed it and we enjoyed welcoming you in. The teachers say 'The children really enjoyed the visual resources he used. The story was engaging as was his delivery. The guided meditation/stillness moment was really effective and the children responded well to it.' and 'The children really enjoyed it and liked the story. They liked the mindfulness part too. Thank you so much for coming to see us."  

"We had a fantastic visit today from local author Rob Holmes, who visited every class to share his book and talk about the process of creating a book. The children were really engaged when he read his book 'Master Owl Meets Miss Bunny' to them. Rob discussed mindfulness and the children had a chance to practise some techniques. Afterwards they said that they felt really relaxed and calm.


Kestrel quotes:

'The mindfulness really relaxed me and made me forget any problems.'

'The story was really powerful and interesting.'

'Rob taught us mindfulness techniques to help us feel calm."

mindful tour pic.jpg

Some more feedback from teachers and parents:

“I read Master Owl meets Miss Bunny with my son Jake, who is six years old. He really enjoyed it and throughout the story we kept stopping to talk about different feelings, which is not something he finds easy to do. He could relate to Miss Bunny’s feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. He really liked the idea of stopping and breathing in and out slowly.  


As I was reading it to him, he started practising it. He said that he could do it if he had a grumpy moment with his sister, for example. When we finished the book, he asked me to photocopy the four-step guide at the back to put in each room of our house so we could all do with a ‘Magical Mindful Moment’ together if things got a bit too much. When we did this together, he said he was very calm and relaxed. Fantastic. Absolutely love it. These skills will help all children and carry on throughout life and the book introduces it in such a child friendly way. Amazing! 


Thank you so much, it was quite enlightening as a parent to see how much both children, individually, reacted to the story, it was heart-warming. Keep writing! You have a gift. Thanks again,


Michelle, Devon.”

"Hi Rob, yesterday you visited my son's school, I just wanted to say thank you. My son (7yrs) really enjoyed your visit. I purchased both books as I have a 4 yr old as well & last night we read it, having spent most of my life struggle with my mental health I just wanted to commend you for writing about mindfulness, I always worry my children will end up struggling as I did but I feel better equipped to perhaps nip it in the bud by using the tips in your book to get them to understand how they feel in the moment rather than build up a lifetime of confusion. I am also going to make my husband read it and use the techniques as he can get very frustrated. So to sum up, thank you for doing a school tour - I'm sure lots of people will be as pleased as I am. "

"A huge thank you for this morning, we were all very inspired by your talk and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your stories.  It was a great success across each class, we do hope you will visit us again."    


Andrea Hall, Stoke Fleming Primary.


"I shared Master Owl's story in my Mindfulness Class for Children. It was a super hit, my students loved it and said that they would like to hear more of these stories. An amazing story to introduce mindfulness to young people. I have bought a second copy for my niece.”  


Nadia, London. 

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