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Chapter book for 7 - 11 year olds


Picture book for 3 - 6 year olds


Picture book for 3 - 103 year olds

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What parents say...


"Just wanted to message to say thank you. You went to my son's school today, and we purchased one of the chapter books. We’ve read some tonight, and my son is already calmer and displaying some Magical Mindful Moments! He is also thrilled that he met the man who invented the Gro Clock! We still use this each night, and it’s been a part of our family fabric for many years! So he was absolutely buzzing when I collected him this evening. Thank you for such a wonderful book, and also the gro clock. GAME CHANGER!"


"I love creating things from my imagination that make a positive difference to families - whether it's a best selling invention like the Gro-clock, writing children's books or producing mindfulness films."

Rob Holmes

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