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I really enjoy public speaking.  My talks can cover the following subjects:


1. Being an Entrepreneur


I co-founded the Gro Company, which developed and sold baby sleeping products, including the 'Grobag'. I also ran a successful nightclub for 16 years. My talks can be tailored to suit the audience, but topics covered include: my top ten tips to running a successful business, building brands, intellectual property (patents and trademarks), finding and keeping the right team and how to sell a business. 

2. Book Readings & Mindfulness Teaching


I love reading my children's stories in schools and teaching mindfulness. I am currently touring Devon primary schools - click here for more information.  I would love to talk about the benefits of mindfulness and also share the hard earned wisdom that is encoded into my children's stories. Like the importance of honesty, generosity, forgiveness, allowing change, kindness and caring for our planet. It's also interesting to look at our crazy human world through the eyes of wise animals. 

3. Mary's Meals.  

I am  proud Community Ambassador for the charity 'Mary's Meals' and give talks around Devon and Cornwall. Please get in touch if you would like me to come and talk about this incredible charity that feeds 2 million children a day at school, mostly in Africa. It costs about £20 a year to feed a child one meal at school, so a small amount of money goes a very long way.  

Recent clients


  • University of Exeter – Business faculty and One World MBA

  • University of Plymouth – Futures Centre

  • Devonport School for Boys

  • South Devon College

  • Kelly College

  • Teignbridge District Council

  • Cosmic Training

  • Rotary and Round Table Groups

  • Mid-Devon Business Forum

  • Enterprise Festival – Cornwall Unlocking Potential (Keynote speaker)

  • Outset - Torbay

  • Mary's Meals


Hi Rob,


Thank you for the wonderful talk you gave yesterday, which undoubtedly will be a highlight of the lecture series I've delivered for the students (I haven't attended the others in the module so wouldn't like to comment, but can't help to suspect your talk will trump those too!). It was just brilliant to see the students engaged with you at the end, and I think you inspired many of them to give their passions a go.


One of the points you made so clearly was the importance of resilience. I enjoyed the different ways you demonstrated this throughout, and your honesty about challenges and how you faced them was fantastic. One of the main themes in this module is about resilience in individuals and organisations, and I think your talk gave relevant, real like examples for students of both which is invaluable to their learning. 


Thank you so much again for the time and enthusiasm you brought to the session. As I said yesterday, you're an inspiring public speaker which is not an easy achievement or something that comes naturally to all people. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future talks as we discussed. 

Thanks again Rob.

Best wishes,

Hannah Newbury

The University of Plymouth - March 2024

"We approached Rob about speaking at an event aimed at entrepreneurs in Cornwall, with the specific brief of telling the story of The Gro Company and to also share some personal learnings from his journey.


Not only did Rob have an incredibly warm and endearing manner about him, but his stories were funny, authentic, moving and most of all inspirational.


Everyone left the event feeling uplifted, with notepads bursting with practical advice.


I have recommended Rob (and will continue to do so) to anyone who is after a personable, witty and wise speaker who will inspire, challenge and ultimately win over any audience!"

Lucy Cox

Unlocking Potential - Cornwall

‪”On 2 different occasions, Rob has been kind enough to give my society a masterclass of a talk. We've been very lucky to have lots of talented entrepreneurs speak to our society but so many students said that his talk was their favourite.


‪For me personally, I genuinely won't forget Rob's obsession for customer satisfaction. The hanker-chief, handbag and sending products to 2 different houses are great stories. When I go all in on a start-up over the next few years, customer/user satisfaction will be my number one priority.


‪Rob's emphasis on having a happy life is so important too. It's natural that people are interested in making money through business when you hear of crazy stories like Snapchat. But I think it's important for role models like Rob to remind us students that happiness is the main goal.”

Nick O’Ferrall

President of Student Entrepreneur’s Society – Exeter University

“Rob Holmes’s intervention was very inspiring to me as he is such a successful businessman and his speech was very powerful. What struck me is that he has a positive attitude: he gives every idea a go and believes in his instinct.


Nevertheless, he insisted on doing the research before launching himself into something new and learning from other people’s experience by being a good listener.


Most importantly, Rob seems to be a good person and he said ‘I care about people’, which sounded true when he told us about the woman who lost her purse in the toilets. Not every nightclub’s owner would go look for it in the drains! This reinforced my idea that you can be a good person and run a business in an effective way.


Rob’s story inspired me as I have always been interested in knowing the successful stories of entrepreneur."

Business Undergraduate from Plymouth University

‪”Rob has spoken twice to my Business students at South Devon College and acted as a "Dragon" for the students' Dragon's Den pitches. He is an engaging and interesting speaker who relates extremely well to the students and gave honest and helpful advice to them on their business ideas. I thoroughly recommend Rob as a speaker or Business Advisor.”

Maggie Breton

Accounting and Business - South Devon College

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