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Master Owl and the Mean Squirrel

​This is the second story for pre-school children - Master Owl & the Mean Squirrel.   


Master Owl helps all sorts of animals to overcome the big issues in life. In this story Master Owl and Miss Bunny meet Mr Squirrel. He never shares his store of food with anyone, until he has a Magical Mindful Moment and then his eyes are opened to a different way of living.

The more he gives, the more he has...

Master Owl & The Mean Squirrel



In the woods is a greedy beast.

He works like mad to store his feast.

This old Squirrel is really mean

And the biggest hoarder you’ve ever seen.


Winter came, the wood turned white.

Squirrel was guarding day and night.

He didn’t care if he seemed rude.

He was never running out of food.


Many cold months went past

So food was never going to last.

Animals knocked on Squirrel’s door,

“Please share your food, we need some more’.


But all they heard was ‘GO AWAY!’

That was all he had to say.

Squirrel was always in a mood,

So animals went in search of food.


At last the snow began to melt.

The warm spring sun was gladly felt.

Flowers popped up into bloom,

And everyone forgot their gloom.


So Master Owl and Miss Bunny

Were tucking into bread and honey

When suddenly from up on high,

Mr Squirrel came dropping by.


He landed with a massive crunch

And dropped the nuts he planned for lunch.

He said ‘oh bother, what a pain,

I’m going to have to pick them up again!’


‘Hello Squirrel’, the wise one said,

‘Would you like to stop, instead 

and join us for a cup of tea.

It’s time we took things mindfully.’


‘Mindfully?’ he asked and shook his head.

His face had turned a shade of red. 

‘I’m too busy to stop and sit,

but I’m curious, what on earth is it?’


‘Mindful moments are full of grace.

They put a smile back on your face. 

We all need to stop and take some time

To breath and notice if we’re fine.


So come and join us in our tree

And we shall sit there silently.’

A deep breath in . . . a slow breath out.

Squirrel relaxed, without a doubt.


As the animals settled down,

They heard the noises all around.

They felt the bark under their feet

And smelt a nearby field of wheat.


Then as he breathed, his sadness rose,

And tears trickled down his nose.

He sobbed, he cried and realised

Why he had been so despised.


‘I’ve been such a selfish beast,

Ignoring those who’ve had the least.

Oh Master Owl, what a gift you’ve got.

I really have been such a clot!’


They sat in peace and breathed some more.

Squirrel had never stopped before.

‘Dear Master Owl’ he said, ‘help me.

How can I live more happily?’


‘Just be brave and trust in life,

and see how you will end this strife.

Please give away most your nuts.

It’s going to take a lot of guts’.


Squirrel looked quite shocked and said,

‘So not store food, give out instead?’

‘Yes’ smiled Master Owl, ‘that right,

Go out and give with all your might.


The more you give, the more comes back

And you’ll never be without a snack’.

So Squirrel said he’d try his best

And went back to his tree-top nest.


He was shocked to see all his food.

He’d really been a selfish dude.

But it was time to get this done.

He threw the nuts out, one by one.


And soon there was a huge great pile.

He hoped it would all be worthwhile.

He made a sign from one old shelf.

It read: ‘Free nuts – please help yourself!’


The animals thought it was a trick.

Could all these nuts be free to pick?

But once they took the time to chat

They saw he’d changed, just like that.


In fact, he seemed to be so kind,

In such a giving frame of mind.

So one by one, the nuts were took, 

And animals had lots to cook.


Then next winter, the snow fell hard.

Squirrel had no food to guard.

But the word went out across the wood.

The animals knew what would be good.


And soon they brought him many nuts

Saying ‘thank you for helping us’.

Squirrel was so shocked but pleased

For all the love that he received. 


Back at Master Owl’s home tree,

They heard about the news with glee.

Miss Bunny said now she understood

How giving can do so much good. 


They sat, they breathed and closed their eyes.

You know, we can all be that wise.

Just give and give, without a care

And watch for wonders, everywhere. 



Copyright 2021 – Rob Holmes

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