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Children's Mental Health Week - time for Master Owl Mindfulness!

So it's Children's Mental Heath Week coming up next month and I am busy contacting primary and prep schools up and down the land, offering the Master Owl Mindfulness virtual tour!

This involves watching the special You Tube films of me reading the Master Owl story and then teaching mindfulness, along with free bookmarks sent to every child at the school and the chance to have a live Zoom call with me on the day to answer questions from the children.

So far 15 schools are having a Master Owl day during Mental Health week and there is plenty of time for more schools to sign up. It's free and it will make a big difference to the children, giving them a skill for life - the gift of coming back to the present moment and feeling calm.

Please get in contact to get your Welcome Pack.

Have a great weekend.

Rob and Master Owl :)

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