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Great feedback from the schools

Children's Mental Health week is going so well!!

I am speaking with at least 5 schools a day over zoom and connecting with thousands of children.

They ask such wonderful questions, like why was I inspired to write books about mindfulness and how should they deal with a school friend who is feeling sad.

The funniest question happened yesterday when a young lad came up to the teacher's lap-top to ask his question. He looked the camera in the eye and asked "Why don't you have any hair?!" There was so much laughter in the hall the microphone on the laptop kept cutting out!! I love the honesty of children!! I said I had more at that back than the front and spun around on my chair!!

Here are some quotes and feedback from teachers and children so far...

From Martlesham Primary Academy in Suffolk.

"Such a wonderful session and inspirational for all.

Your books are wonderful! Master Owl is now also going to feature in the calm corners of each classroom."

Advice from the children on mental health:

"the bookmarks will really help lots of people, I am going to keep mine with me."

"teaching us how to keep ourselves calm and not get angry and frustrated was helpful."

"when you are frustrated, you can scream into a pillow. I know other ways now too."

"Mindfulness is important! Then you can focus and not get so stressed"

"it is really important to be conscious of yourself and your wellbeing!"

" if you’re feeling down, you can help somebody which will make them feel happy and then you feel happy."

"if you’re feeling down, you can go outside and get fresh air."

"Thank you so much Rob, it was such an amazing experience, the children got so much out of it. It really was so kind of you to give up your time to make their day! Keep doing the work you are doing; it really does make a difference. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of authors! "

Five more schools to go tomorrow. Happy to speak to other schools anytime. It's amazing how the Internet can connect us all up! I still think video calls are something from Star Trek!! Showing my age!!!

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