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The Princess!

Hello friends. Today I posted two Master Owl books to a very well-known family! Let me tell you why.

Three nights ago I had a very vivid dream about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, also known as William and Kate 🤴🏻👸🏼. They were on a walkabout with their children, when their daughter Charlotte came up to me and asked for a copy of one of my books!

When I woke up in the morning I felt this strong urge to send some Master Owl books to Kensington Palace. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I think the chances of the books actually reaching the family are slim and maybe they have a protocol for forwarding books to a Children’s Hospital or something of that kind. I don’t really mind. It would be nice if they don’t end up in the recycling bin! I have surrendered the outcome!

But who knows, maybe Princess Charlotte will get to read her Master Owl book 🤞

If this happens, it really won’t be the strangest thing that’s happened to me!

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