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Children’s Mental Health week begins...

This week is Children’s Mental Health week and I have been reflecting on what my top tips are for great mental health.

I knew the question would come up in the Zoom sessions this week with schools all over the country and in the first session with The Firs School in Chester, one of the children asked me how can he have good mental health now and take that through into adulthood. Here was my answer.

4 top tips for good mental health

1. Remember that emotions are normal and natural, all part of being a human. They are just E-Motions or in other words, ‘Energy in Motion’, which means emotions are meant to move, not be bottled up. Like a bottle of fizzy drinks, when you shake it up, it creates pressure until the top blows off! Better to let the fizz out daily, than let it build up over time.

2. Take a mindful moment to notice how you feel and then share it with those around you. Just sharing your feelings helps you to feel calmer again and the people around you know better how to help support you. A problem shared is a problem halved.

3. Be kind to yourself. This is so important. Know you are always doing your best , but when you know better, do better. I don’t believe things go wrong in life, it’s just sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you expected it to go, so learn from it and move on. It’s a learning opportunity! Sleep well, eat well, exercise well. Like emotions, your body wants to move too! Also remember to make time for silence.

4. Do things to help other people. I believe happiness is a by-product and it’s what we naturally feel when we are kind and helpful to others. So, if you are ever feeling a bit down, just be helpful and it will cheer you up. It’s a magical way to feel happier again.

Do let me know any advice or thoughts you have about how to improve mental health.


Rob x

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