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Highweek Primary School visit

Some wonderful feedback from my visit to Highweek Primary School yesterday. Looking forward to visiting them again later this year for Poetry Week.

“The whole school has been buzzing since your visit, and there has been a great atmosphere all day. In our staff meeting after school, the teachers were unanimous in their appreciation for your visit, and how inspired they felt to introduce more mindfulness.

It has been clear to see how much the children have enjoyed their day and how inspired they are. It linked so nicely to my Literacy lesson today after your talk, where the children were writing their stories. I saw subtle links to kindness and mindfulness, but mostly I could see the invisible story cloud above their heads. This powerful analogy will certainly be something that I adopt into my Literacy teaching- my biggest passion!

Very kind regards and much appreciation.”

Fran Lilley

Highweek Primary School

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