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Just like Christmas!

Today I visited Holbeton primary school, which is a small village school near the beautiful Erme estuary. The children were amazing as always but what really stood out about this visit today, and it’s the first time it’s happened, is that the school bought a Master Owl book for every child to take home today! How amazing is that?! 70 books!!

So at the end of every session I normally say I have a surprise present which is a Master Owl book mark. This time I was able to say there were two surprises and let them know that they were getting a book to take home. It was like Christmas day!! And the icing on the cake was one of the teachers who came up at the end to say that the children were inspired to write their own mindfulness stories and they had already come up with a whole range of new animals with issues for Master Owl to help sort out! I love to see a school fired up with creativity and a passion for writing stories. I am very grateful to the head, Chris Rickard for arranging my visit today and offering to buy a book for every child, with the kind support of the Holbeton School Association.

Another great day not in the office for me and Master Owl 😊


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