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My books and mindfulness are not just for the children!

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend?! Sometimes I get amazing emails from parents who have bought a Master Owl book and I wanted to share this one with you. It actually brought a tear to my eye when I read it. It's why I am writing books and visiting the schools.

"Hi Rob, yesterday you visited my son's school, I just wanted to say thank you. My son (7yrs) really enjoyed your visit. I purchased both books as I have a 4 yr old as well & last night we read it, having spent most of my life struggle with my mental health I just wanted to commend you for writing about mindfulness, I always worry my children will end up struggling as I did but I feel better equipped to perhaps nip it in the bud by using the tips in your book to get them to understand how they feel in the moment rather than build up a lifetime of confusion. I am also going to make my husband read it and use the techniques as he can get very frustrated. So to sum up, thank you for doing a school tour - I'm sure lots of people will be as pleased as I am. "

My books and mindfulness are not just for the children! I hope they benefit the whole family.

This message encourages me to keep going. I am taking a writing sabbatical over the next few months, focusing on my writing and connecting with agents and publishers to land my worldwide book deal. It will happen!

Much love from me and Master Owl. xx

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