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The Bored Badger

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hello friends. I have just finished my latest picture book story all about a very bored Badger!

This story helps highlight the challenging issue of screen and device time with our children.

Master Owl uses some mindfulness to help his friend step away from his screen and out into nature, to notice the wonders all around us.

Let me know what you think. (Its a story for ALL OF US!!)


Rob xxx

The Bored Badger

The forest is a noisy place

All squawk and screech and howl

But one old bird just sits in peace

They call him Master Owl.

He perches on his favourite branch

High up among the leaves.

He loves to watch the sunlight

As it sparkles through the trees.

But then he hears some screaming

And he knows it’s time to fly.

So flaps towards the sound

And hears it changing to a cry.

He finds himself at Badgers house

And sees a sorry scene.

Badger looks so sad.

He’s just staring at a screen.

‘Hello old friend’, said Owl,

You look the worst I’ve seen in years.’

Badger said ‘I’m just so bored,

So bored, I’m bored to tears!’

‘All day I sit and watch this screen,

For hours and hours on end’.

‘No wonder you’re so bored’, said Owl,

‘That would drive me round the bend!’

‘Put down that screen’, said Master Owl

‘And come outside with me.

It’s time we sat in nature

And we took this mindfully.’

Badger looked a bit confused.

He really wasn’t keen.

But knew he was unhappy

So he parted with his screen.

They both sat down together

And the Owl picked up a stick.

He drew a circle in the soil.

This always did the trick.

‘So breathing slowly in’, he said

‘Then let the breath come out’.

Round and round they breathed

And they relaxed, without a doubt.

Badger closed his eyes and heard

The sounds of birds and trees.

He watched a dandelion

As it drifted on the breeze.

‘Master Owl, you clever bird,

I’m glad I ditched the screen.

Let’s go and see some sights

That I have never, ever seen’.

They saw some really clever bugs

Transform before their eyes.

The caterpillars went to sleep

And woke as butterflies.

They watched a thousand sunflowers

All turn to see the sun.

They noticed how a flock of birds

All seemed to move as one.

The heard the bees make honey

As they buzzed inside a hive.

The more they looked they realised

That everything’s alive.

They sat and watched the sunset

As the sky turned shades of pink.

Then saw the stars appearing

In a sky as dark as ink.

They lay upon their backs

And they gazed up at the stars.

Badger said it blew his mind,

This universe of ours.

He’d never really noticed

What was going on around

And was really quite surprised

By all the wonders that he’d found.

Master Owl saw Badger smile.

It was the happiest of scenes.

Sometimes we all need a nudge

to put away our screens!

Breathing in and breathing out.

Just resting in the Now.

It’s easy to be mindful

And now you all know how.

Copyright 2022: Rob Holmes

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