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The icing, on the icing on the cake!

Just finished at my first school of the week, Denbury primary school. 35 book orders in a school of 95 children! Incredible, but that wasn’t the best thing that happened.

Three children just came up to me at the end to say that I have inspired them to write two books.

One is about the ‘story cloud’ which is my name for where stories come from and the other is going to write a book about a leaf that never dies, as it travels through all the seasons. Blows my mind! They are going to email me the stories once they are written. Can’t wait to read them! Bless their hearts.

And there was free chocolate cake in the staffroom, so that has to be my perfect morning at work! 😊

Ps. I got back to the car and found an internet order for a Master Owl from a mum whose child was off school today with covid and was sad to miss my visit. So imagine her and her daughters surprise just now when I hand deliver a signed book to her house, which was only a mile from the school! I like giving happy surprises ❤️

Pps. Stopped at Ugborough School on the way home, after they said they had more book orders from my visit last week; so another 12 books going out to families today 😊🦉 One of the teachers told me she was reading a Master Owl story to her daughter last night and during the mindfulness breathing part of the story her daughter fell asleep as she was so relaxed. (Or my stories are really sleep inducing!!)

That was the icing, on the icing on the cake!

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