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The precious weeks

I’m listening to an audiobook at the moment about a man who has so far sailed 300,000 miles on the Sea. He’s a very good writer called John Kretschmer. This is one of his gems:

“Time is the currency of our life—how we spend it defines our existence”

He said something else that’s really hit me.

On average humans live 4,000 weeks.

My Dad lived 2,650 weeks before his body packed up.

My amazing Granny managed 5,250 weeks (she died at 101).

I reckon I am on about 2,750 weeks alive so far.

What a precious and fleeting life this can seem. It’s really made me think about whether I am making the most of my life, of each week, of each day, of each in and out breath.

It’s made me think about what dreams I still have and to start making plans to make them real. There is no time like the present. Make changes in the present and you create your future. It’s not up-to any one else or to God. It’s up-to us.

I know I am super grateful for my 2,750 weeks so far. Some of them have been amazing. Some of them were not so great. But even the challenging weeks can be seen in hindsight to be necessary for growth and to allow change.

You have to tear a muscle first before it gets stronger. You have to suffer to really get clarity about what’s important to you in life.

So, tell me what are your plans with your remaining weeks ahead?!

Mine are simple.

To continue making the most of seeing my children transform into amazing happy and fulfilled adults. And to be a grandparent.. but not too soon!!

To continue helping families with mindfulness and share wisdom with children.

And to buy a sailing catamaran and see all that this achingly beautiful watery planet has to offer. If the Universe finds me a soul mate to sail with, then even better… but I am going anyway.

Life is too short and I want to make the most of the weeks I have left.

❤️🙏 xxx

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