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The privilege of sound

Today I visited Highweek primary school in Newton Abbott. Quite a large primary school with 300 children. It was another wonderful day at school but what really moved me today happened in last session with the year one class.

There was a girl in the class who was deaf and a lady came to the front to sign read the story of Master Owl for this girl.

It was fascinating watching my words translated into sign language. I read my story a little bit slower so that she could keep up.

At the end of the session, this girl came up to me to say hello in sign language and I suddenly remembered the sign for ‘friends’ which I learnt from the Fred Rogers film with Tom Hanks, ‘Beautiful Day in the neighbourhood’.

So I did the friends sign and she looked at me, smiled and did the same sign back.

When all the children left I started crying.

Something got me in my heart about this girl. It made me think what a challenge it must be to be deaf. How lucky I am to be able to hear, especially as I love music so much.

Bless her heart. ❤️🙏

This job is such a privilege… to meet all these children. So fortunate.

Thank you to all the staff and children and to the parents who bought books today.

The Master Owl Mindfulness Tour continues …

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