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I was delighted to just receive this fabulous book review for 'Master Owl meets Miss Bunny'. Thank you Yusuf and your Mum. Much love. Rob x

"The story helped me to understand what being mindful means.

Yusuf: This book was good because it taught me about being mindful. The story helped me to understand what being mindful means. There was also some useful information about animals and nature. The pictures were really good and I liked the nice and shiny look. The story is rhyming which was easy for me to read.

Mums thoughts: This story provides a simple explanation of mindfulness which is a great introduction for young children who have not come across the topic before. In addition to the story there is a lovely explanatory page at the end which guides the child through a practical method of being mindful.

This story is very comprehensive not only covering mindfulness but including much information about nature and sparked many questions from my young ones."

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